Machine plastering

Machine plastering involves the use of the machine when applying the plaster. The mortar can be manufactured in bags or silos or made of natural components (sand, lime and cement). Machine plastering is characterized by high speed of application of plaster. Depending on the conditions, on a daily level from 100 to 300m2 can be plastered. Mechanical plastering also involves the installation of galvanized angular plaster profiles as the protectors of all edges that are being plastered – window sills, corners, columns, beams, etc. These profiles allow better installation of plaster and provide better impact resistance.
Our team of skilled craft professionals perform construction services on the highest quality.

Machine skimming and painting

After plastering we start the skimming procedure. Machine skimming facilitates and accelerates the application of skim plaster on previously plastered surfaces. After drying and skim plaster processing we start painting. Painting can also be done with machine. Thus we save material and time. Large surfaces can be painted in a relatively short time. This is one of the key advantages over the manual painting.



Facade construction is our imperative. We can embellish your residential building or private house with the most fashionable facades. In addition to visual profits, the facade will also generate cash benefits through savings in energy investments for your home heating or cooling. With this in mind, we offer you a selection of a large number of facades with acrylic and vapor permeable finishes.

Thermal insulation can be achieved by making a facade with styrofoam, stone wool or thermal mortar. Stone wool has certain advantages as thermal and sound insulation, and combined with a vapor permeable mortar is certainly our recommendation as the best solution for energy saving and housing benefits.

Thermal mortar contains styrofoam granules, it can be applied manually or mechanically and can be used indoors and outdoors. The main feature of thermal mortar is thermal insulation, but this type of facade is characterized by high strength and resistance to physical damage.


Plasterboard walls and ceilings / Knauf

Contemporary construction involves the use of ecological materials. Gypsum walls and ceilings fully meet all environmental standards. By using these materials, with the application of manufacturer’s instructions, we can achieve high wall strength, thermal and sound insulation as well as to comply with all standards of fire resistance. This type of construction is characterized by higher speed and precision of works.


Ceramic works

This material is used for covering walls and floors in bathrooms and kitchens and on the patios. Depending on the conditions, we can use several types of ceramics. For patios and surfaces exposed to weather influences, we use ceramic granite. This ceramic is characterized by higher strength and resistance. We also use ceramic tiles on the staircase, as well as in the hallways and building entrances. For ceramic tiles gluing we use high-quality adhesives that fulfill all the standards of modern construction.



Quality waterproofing of floors and walls is a very important item for the comfort of housing. Quality waterproofing of bathrooms, patios or flat roofs prevents subsequent interventions and improves the quality of housing. There are several types of waterproofing materials, we use only the highest quality materials that fully meet all the standards that are foreseen for the areas to be insulated.


Plumbing and sewage installations

Using modern materials has greatly improved the quality of certain services. By applying quality water pipes and fittings as well as sewer pipes that meet all the prescribed norms, we achieve very high standards in modern construction. The above mentioned materials are characterized by exceptional sound insulation, which contributes to the quality of life in the premises where these materials are applied.


Heating installations

Heating is of great importance for the comfort of living in every home. By choosing the best materials with the understanding of the real needs of our clients, we achieve a high level of saving and comfort for every home.